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Dress Code

Student Dress and Grooming Standards

The primary purpose for student dress and grooming standards is to foster an educational environment that is both safe and free from disruption in order to reflect an appropriate tone for school.  Clothes appropriate for weekend wear may not also be appropriate for school.  The following standards set forth for the middle school dress code are designed to be consistent and fair.  Thank you for your cooperation in setting an academic environment for the students.


Students are not to wear any attire or grooming disruptive or unsafe to the educational environment which may include, but is not limited to:


  • Sheer/see-through articles of clothing or clothing that exposes undergarments (bras, bandeaus, or a top that violates dress code.)
  • Tops, dresses or jerseys which are: tank tops, spaghetti straps, tubes, racer backs or strapless tops.
    • All tops worn to school must have a sleeve that extends past the shoulder (cap sleeves).
    • Tank tops and spaghetti straps may be layered OVER a top WITH sleeves.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses that do not extend to the END OF FINGERTIPS on back, front and sides when hands are placed at sides.  
  • No sleepwear or slippers. 
  • Bare midriff: Shirts must cover the waistband without having to be pulled down.
  • Unauthorized hoods, hats, bandanas or any head covering.
  • Bare feet, unstable high heels or any other unstable shoe.
  • Clothing with significant holes, rips and/or tears above the index finger tips.
  • Clothing which allows underwear to be exposed (baggy pants/shirts/blouses). Pants and shorts are to be size appropriate.
  • Clothing, apparel or accessories which are a distraction to the educational environment, considered unsafe or a health hazard.
  • Contains offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans, or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic values.
  • Contains language or symbols oriented toward violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.


Students who violate the dress code will wear alternate clothes the remainder of the day.  Clothes will be returned upon receipt of the signed dress code violation.    Students who violate the dress code will be subject to consequences.  The offense, and subsequent consequence(s), does not change because a student is able to alter his/her clothing after they have been found in violation. In order to protect the general student body and maintain the integrity of the educational environment, the school/administration reserves the right to amend/modify Dress and Grooming Standards, without notice, and as necessary to maintain a safe and positive school atmosphere.





Gang Related Apparel May Include, But Is Not Limited To:


  • Hats, headgear or head coverings
  • Nazi/Confederate symbols, patches, red shoelaces
  • Chains including wallet chains
  • Red, yellow, white suspenders, dropped suspenders
  • Monikers or other gang markings
  • Plain white shirt with Dickey brand name
  • Webbed, untied, or dangling belt, military style belts
  • Webbed belt buckle with stamped letter
  • Extreme spiked hair style
  • Top button buttoned on a long sleeve flannel plaid shirt
  • Jewelry with gang symbols
  • Students who dress alike intentionally wherein the dress is not related to school activities and disrupts the school environment
  • Overalls with dropped straps
  • Straight edge 'X' markings
  • Below knee pants with above calf white or black socks
  • Combat-type boots with more than eight eyelets on a side, steel toe shoes, or flight jackets worn concurrently with combat boots, heavy work shoes
  • Any combination of clothing which law enforcement agencies currently consider gang related. (These may change and the school reserves the right to add unacceptable attire during the school year.)


Gang related items are subject to change as directed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.